Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Busta Arm

Monica: Jeff, can you watch Mason for a second while I get dressed?
Jeff: OK. (walks out of room)

Sigh. Mason was sitting in the middle of our humungous king sized bed totally engrossed in a puzzle. It would take him forever to crawl all that way to the edge, and besides, he has a fascinating puzzle! I could turn around for a minute to rifle through a dresser drawer, right?


He was so clingy that night and didn't want to be put down, so we didn't realize til the next mronign that he wasn't using it when he wouldn't crawl.
We carted him off to a walkin clinic where a scowling eastern european doctor grunted and handed us a referral for xrays.

I show up at the xray clinic address, only to find a Catholic Children's Aid Society sign on the door. WTF? Did she actually hear me telling Jeff to keep his still-reeking-like-a-brewery from the night before mouth shut or they'd call Children's Aid?? I was kidding! Kind of!

Half annoyed, half scared, I walk in and ask the receptionist if there is an xray clinic in the building - she laughs HAHAHAHAHAyouthoughtweweregonnatakeyourkidawayHAHAHAHA and points me to the other side of the building above the Shoppers Drug Mart. Hahahaha! Thanks.

Xray clinc says they'll send them back to Dr. Pissypantsovich for analysis. The hell! I snatch them back and take them to my own doctor 5 hours later. They can't tell. Send us to emergency. Mason has a broken arm, requiring a cast over the elbow! He screamed all night when he realized it wasn't coming off, and by morning he was over it. He doesn't seem to remember a time when he didn't have it. But he's losing it this Thursday! 2 and a hlaf weeks. The little buggers heal fast!

You know Dad, just cuz I elbow you in the face with my cast doesn't mean I don't like ya. You're ok.


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