Monday, October 30, 2006

I still have no idea...

My esteemed, hyper-intimidating, Columbo resembling, loony nutcake philosophy professor advised that I see him during his office hours after repeatedly rejecting my abstract for some philosophy of religion paper. I brought in my 3rd stab at an abstract at which he barely looked before he huffed, tossed it aside and boomed "What do you want written on your tombstone?!!"

me: Uh.. I've never really thought about it"

Dr. A (with palpable disgust): HOW OLD ARE YOU!?!

me: 20

Dr A: I knew what I wanted written on my tombstone when I was 15!!!

me: *slackjawed stare, flame red, feeling like a total fucking loser and the stoopidest student this professor has ever laid eyes on and omigod, don't cry do-not-cry*

Dr. A (with dismissive wave): Don't come back until you know what you want written on your tombstone!

So I stayed up all night exploring every crevass of my soul in search of one epithat that I truly felt could capture the essence of my life. And the next day I eagerly and proudly walked back into his office with an answer that would blow his planet sized mind and I am totally fucking lying!!! I never went back and I really didn't think about it for longer than 5 minutes and I STILL do not have any idea what I want written on my damn tombstone!!!

But I know what I want written on Catriona's tombstone.


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