Sunday, August 13, 2006

Behind the Laughter (or the bored eyerolling)

When I have nothing to write about because I never leave the house and Mason hasn't done anything particularily funny or interesting in the past few days and neither have the dogs and the one big thing that's going on I want to save for a big special shiny post* that will leave you reeling in disappointment, I turn to a certain process just so that this thing gets updated more than once every couple of months.

*It will be unfathomably anticlimactic and complete with lots of boring photos that you would promptly delete if they ever landed in your inbox. But only I may delete my blog postings, suckers!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAwhosthalosernowHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I start with a thought and then I take pictures to accompany the thought, and if I think the thought with the pictures would make a funny post, I write one. Like this:

On Saturday I photodocumented the assembly of the Mula I bought for Mason at Ikea. Cuz you know, everyone likes to bond over tales of agonizing frustration that go hand in hand with assembling an Ikea product. The 'need help?' illustration was worth a post alone, I thought.

Uhr? Uh-oh. Hmmmm. Oooh! Hallo?

And then I thought I would pretend to be overwhelmed by the mere sight of 4 screws plus an allen key!! And I could pepper the entry with things like "Four screws and an allen key?!?! MÖRKER FJÄRDEN BÅGVIK!!!" And I would show a picture of the Mula in pieces with the four screws and the allen key.

And then there would be more misadventures in Mula assembling, which there really weren't because it invloved screwing a piece of wood on either end of the toy and putting the rails in holes after I threaded the beads and I just couldn't pretend I was dumb enough to fuck any of that up. And then I would post a picture, ideally of a happy laughing Mason with newly assembled Mula but more realistically an unimpressed/stunned looking Mason with newly assembled Mula and then a sound clip would go off kinda like "WHA WHA WHAAA."

So there you have a rare glimpse into the anatomy of a jemoma entry. And this is the process behind the entries of more blogs than you might think. If you think Wonkette or Lifehacker or Salam Pax or even Boing Boing do it any other way, well then I am probably kidding yourself.


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